Business on a Budget

Calling all my 9:00 to 5:00 girls out there, who, like me, want to look “put together” at work, without the high-end price tag. I’m sharing an outfit here that, in its entirety, costs less than $100, as well as some general tips and tricks to compiling a full wardrobe without completely depleting your wallet.


First, and foremost, grab the staples. You need a good pair of flats, a few pairs of slimming dress pants, and some solid colored undershirts. Then, you can dress up those basic solid pants with cute blouses, or the basic shirts with fun “party pants,” or even wear both basic top and bottom, so that you can get really creative with a fun blazer, like I’ve done here.


This jacket was a steal from the Ann Taylor Factory Store at my local outlet mall. With the outlet price and the weekend sale, I got this adorable bell-sleved blazer for $39.99, originally $249.99. And I have never gotten so many compliments on a blazer. The bell sleeves are very on trend, and the color is wonderful for spring. And while this may be a fun blazer that seems as if it can only be worn in one way, imagine this blazer over an adorable white knee-length dress. (Very Kate Middleton, if you ask me.)


As for the while camisole and dress pants, both are cheap finds from Loft and TJMaxx. TJMaxx is my secret for cute basic work-appropriate pieces, because like these previous Vince Camuto skinny slacks, they have such a wide selection of so many colors and brands – both solid basic colors, as well as the good ole’ patterned party pant. I scored this VC pair for $24.99, which for anything Vince Camuto is a steal.


As with anyone else living in 2018, I am only alive today because of Amazon Prime. I scored these black flats for about twenty dollars (and got 2-day shipping, duh). I’ve gone through several pairs of black flats, some from Target, some from DSW, but I love these because they maintain their shape. A lot of flats, over time, wear out and become wide, but these stay close to the foot (which actually helps your posture, and what better way to maintain a productive attitude throughout a hectic workday?)


Work attire doesn’t have to break the bank. By maintaining a steady flow of basic items supported by the occasionally trendy piece, you can create a vast array of to-die-for outfits at you-wouldn’t-believe-it prices. I hope this helped inspire some of you to dress up tomorrow for work, because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you get a whole lot more done. You will be thanking me, and so will your boss! 😉


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