The Perfect Little Black (Leather) Skirt

Just as I have shared my tips and tricks to finding and styling the perfect LBD, I want to share with you guys how I wear a seemingly unwearable piece – the black leather skirt. In the past, the idea of a leather skirt gives me a very “Pretty Woman” vibe – not something you would want to wear around the office, or say, Thanksgiving dinner or when you meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. However, I’ve now come to not only love – but embrace – the rough-and-tough aesthetic, because the juxtaposition with the perfect feminine pieces can make you look (and feel) like a million bucks.

The trick to wearing a leather skirt is for it to not be too harsh. There are three things that we don’t want: shiny leather, a skin-tight fit, or for it to pass our knees. To the contrary, we want a soft texture, as it is much more approachable. We don’t want a skin-tight fit for obvious reasons – this is not Pretty Woman. And lastly, we don’t want the skirt to pass our knees. Why? Because we are not looking for that sexy teacher moment. Really, in general, but specifically when wearing a leather skirt, rather than exposing a lot of skin “up top”, you want to show just enough on the legs. You’ll notice that my tops provide a lot of coverage to balance the leg that is being shown. This is a more “relaxed” look than having your button down conveniently unbuttoned way too far – again, you guys, this is not Pretty Woman.

Enough about the tips for finding the perfect leather skirt, so let’s move on to styling it. There are three ways that I love to wear my favorite leather skirt, which I got from [Alternates linked here: Skirt w/ Zipper Detail, Free People skirt (almost identical to mine).]

First, for the office. Just as described above, a leather skirt – if done right – can absolutely be worn to work. I paired the skirt with this precious polka dotted blouse from Fabrik – one of my favorite boutiques. The black color not only gives the entire look a very monochromatic and professional aesthetic, but it complements my brighter hair color. (The blouse also comes in tan w/ black polka-dots, which would equally emphasize a darker hair color.) I paired it with my favorite black pumps and an oversized leather tote (similar one linked here), and I’m out the door. This is an effortless (and go-to look for me) that makes you look like you spent hours getting ready.

Secondly, for a night out (but really, this look can be worn for any occasion). For this look I grabbed a new favorite chunky sweater that I got from Vici Collection, and paired it with my best black booties from the Kendall+Kylie collection from Revolve (still available at Bloomingdales, linked here). This gives more of an “edgy” look to an otherwise warm-and-fuzzy sweater. These pieces are specifically some of my favorites because they are so versatile and can be dressed up, down, with ripped denim, or a pair of slacks. It doesn’t get much better than that. As I was describing above, the double-coverage of a chunky sweater perfectly balances the exposure of my legs. Covering up enough skin to keep it classy, but showing just enough to keep it fun! (That should be on a t-shirt.)

Last but not least, for game day. Um, hello, Go freakin’ Dawgs, amirite?! Another piece that I picked up from Fabrik, this is one of my favorite game day tees. (This one was an in-store find, but I’ve linked other options found on Etsy here.) Game days (anywhere, but as I know them in Athens) are a perfect time for girls to put together their most creative and stylish `fits, and honey, I am here for it. I paired this get-up with several stackable bracelets and a top knot, and I’m ready to call the Dawgs!

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun how-to-wear-it style blog, and I’ll try to do some more soon because I really enjoyed putting these looks together for you! Be sure to check out the links for my pieces (and for similar pieces) so that you can style your own perfect black leather skirt. I hope y’all have a great rest of your week!

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