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Just in time for the holidays, Sephora is having its huge semi-annual sale again, and in typical I-can’t-get-enough-Sephora fashion, I have been preparing for weeks. Sephora (usually) only hosts two sales per year, but this year, they surprised us with an appreciation sale at the end of Summer. [If you missed that blog post where I shared my recommendations, I’ll link that here.]

This winter sale is actually packing quite a punch, because unlike the previous few years, multiple brands have released big products/lines in the Fall/Winter months (a task usually left for the Summer time). In this post, I’ll outline the dates/coupon codes, as well as my recommendations for what to pick up during the sale. The items are linked within the text, so with one click, you can begin shopping away. I’ll also add a little note at the end of what I’ve [cough, cough…already] ordered. Let’s get started!


Dates for the sale:

For beauty insiders, you can shop from 11/16 to 11/19 and use the code BIBONUS for 15% off your entire purchase. Being a beauty insider is completely free. This is just a means for keeping track of how much you spend, getting rewards for point-redemption and for birthdays, and all-around having a more enjoyable and engaging shopping experience in Sephora and on

For VIB members (which describes a tier of shoppers who spend at least $350 per year in store or online…much easier than you would think…), you can shop one week earlier, beginning 11/9 to 11/12, and use the code VIBBONUS for 20% off your entire purchase.

Now for Rouge members, you get two shopping opportunities, and they’re well-deserved, because Rouge status is reserved for those who spend at least $1,000 per year in store or online. First access to the sale is from 10/26 to 10/29, and you can get 20% off your entire purchase with code ROUGEBONUS. If you missed any items (or just want another opportunity to shop the sale, you get a second sale weekend starting 11/2 through 11/5.


Where do I start?! What do I buy?!

When it comes to shopping this sale, I say focus on two things: firstly, items that you know you’ll eventually buy (either because you’ve had your eye on them for a while, or because they’re items that you’ll need to repurchase soon) because you know you’ll be saving money that you would otherwise spend down the line, and secondly, more expensive items that you haven’t been able to rationalize purchasing in the past. Here are some much-loved items that I know you would love and enjoy if you picked them up during this sale!


Hourglass Caution Mascara

You GUYS. Oh my GOSH. I have never had so many compliments on my eyelashes as I have since wearing this mascara. This stuff is so GOOD. The pointed wand makes it so easy to get inner/outer corners, and the formula is beyond buildable. I’ll definitely be grabbing another tube so that I’m never without this magic potion.

If you are in the market to try a lot of different mascaras, try one of the Sephora favorites kits. The $48 one contains 2 full size mascaras, as well as 8 sample sizes, so you’ll be able to try all of the great high-end formulas and pick the one that best suits your lashes. (This one does have the Hourglass mascara mentioned above in it.) The $28 one contains five sample size mascaras, but it also lets you take a certificate back to Sephora to redeem a full-size version of whichever one was your favorite! With the sale price, you’re basically paying for one full-size mascara and getting five small ones for free!


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Another re-stock for me, but I cannot get over it. I’ve used this concealer for years. It’s thick, but not sticky, so it covers everything, without making you feel like you have any concealer on. I use the shade “vanilla” because I’m still very much here for the bright Kim K under-eye movement.


Perfumes can get extremely expensive, so they’re definitely something I suggest grabbing while they’re on sale. My two favorite perfumes are Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb (a more warm and sexy scent of jasmine and bergamot, perfect for date night) and Miss Dior (still warm and romantic, but with stronger hints of rose, so more suitable for an everyday scent).


Hourglass Ambient Powder Palette

Hourglass powders, in general, are some of the most luxurious powders you will ever encounter. Individually, their setting powders, bronzers, and blushes can get pretty expensive, but occasionally, they put out powder sets like this one. It comes with every face powder you could need for an airbrushed and glowing look: three shades of the ambient lighting powders that can be used for setting powders or subtle highlighters, depending on the shade/skin tone, a bronzer, and two shades of blush. These powders for formulated to capture, diffuse, and soften surrounding light to make the skin appear as if it’s truly glowing.


Purity Face Wash

A long time favorite, Purity is the perfect face wash. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, can be combined with a cleaning tool such as the Clarisonic or a buffing sponge, and is the perfect makeup remover. I find that with a lot of other face washes, it does a great job washing my face, but it doesn’t take off all of my eye makeup. This, however, is the best two-in-one product.


Drunk Elephant Skincare

I’ve done multiple posts/blogs on Drunk Elephant skin care, because I truly cannot get enough. I’ll link my post on the Acid Trip kit here, but I’ll just discuss my two favorite DE products here: the Babyfacial and the C-Tango Polypeptide Eye Cream. The Babyfacial can be used in place of a face mask, and essentially provides an at-home facial regimen. It combines AHAs and BHAs (two kinds of acids that are used to resurface and replenish the skin) in an effort to gently exfoliate the lining of the skin, while plumping fine lines, and overall brightening the skin. After just one use, you’ll notice a difference here, so it’s well worth the money. (It truly does make your skin as soft as a baby.)

The new eye cream is, by all means, the best eye cream for every day. It’s not too thick, but it’s enough to let you know it’s there and to plump up those under eyes. I suffer from extremely dry under eyes, and the polypeptide formula works overtime to replenish lost skin cells, and the vitamin C component does a wonder to brighten an otherwise dark area. I’ve recommended this to everyone, and I’ll continue to do so!


Sephora Collection Eyeliners

Sephora has its own in-house brand, which can often times be much less expensive than a lot of the other brands, and they have some true hidden-gems within their line. My favorite product from the Sephora brand is their waterproof eyeliners. Their shade “black lace” is perrrfect for the waterline. I also love their shade “my boyfriend’s jeans” for a super fun cobalt electric blue (how fun!) Another long time favorite is the shade “blonde ambition” for a beautiful, brightening, shimmery champagne color. This is beautiful for the inner-corner and can really give that bright, doe-eyed effect to any look.

YSL Lipsticks

These lipsticks are some of the most nourishing, comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever used. I’m not much of an all-glossy or all-matte kind of girl, especially for special occasions, but for an every day lipstick, the shades “beige blouse” and “nude in private” give a beautiful, effortless your-lips-but-better appearance. These are perfect to throw in your purse, because it doesn’t take much effort to touch-up, and with minimal face makeup, they make you look beyond put-together.

Becca blushes and highlighters

Similar to the Hourglass powders mentioned above, Becca blushes and highlighters have an incredible next-to-none formula. I would recommend the Hourglass powders for those who are more into subtle makeup, but if you’re looking for a blush or highlighter that truly packs a punch, these are for you. They’re some of the softest formula you’ll find in the entire industry, and the shades are so universal. My favorite blush (that I’m wearing 99% of the time) is “songbird” which is a beautiful peachy-pink shade (great for every skin tone).

On the other hand, I own basically every Becca highlighter they’ve created, and I could never choose my favorite. “Opal” is great for deeper skin tones or for a more sultry, sexy look, while “moonstone” is a very pretty pale gold color, great for paler skin tones or for a look where you’re looking to shine to the Heavens. “Champagne Pop” is a cult favorite, and it’s one I reach for all the time (especially when doing other people’s makeup, because they always note how unique and pretty the shade is). Becca has a kit right now (for only $40!!) which gives you four shades (Opal, Vanilla Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Prismatic Amethyst) in a smaller size, and to be honest, unless you’re swimming in highlighter every day, the smaller size is all you need. I haven’t even hit pan on any of my shades, and I’ve had them for years!


MUFE Primers

The Make Up for Ever primers are my absolute favorite. They have a formula for absolutely everything so that any and everyone can get their perfect base. I have four favorites from the line: mattifying, geared towards oily skin; smoothing, to smooth fine lines and fill in large pores; nourishing, for dry skin; and redness correcting, which is a green tint to balance otherwise bothered/irritated skin. You can absolutely combine/switch the formulas you use (as I often do) to ensure that you’re always starting your makeup off with a flawless foundation!


What I Ordered:

Beyond the restocks that I mentioned above, here is a list of items that I picked up this weekend during the early access event (as well as one that is sold out, but I’ll pick up during the second weekend if it restocks in time).


ABH Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

I’m not a huge “cool” eyeshadow lover, but when this palette was initially advertised, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. ABH has consistently improved in their eyeshadow formulation over the years, and after watching countless reviews on YouTube, I think this might be their best palette yet. (This gives me major NYE vibes, amirite?!)


Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum

I received a smaller bottle of this in a subscription box a few months ago and just recently decided to try it, and it has made the biggest difference in my skin. Recently, i have suffered from a lot of texture in my cheeks, and this has made such a difference, so I’ll probably keep this stocked going forward!

Natasha Denona Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette

This was a bit of an impulse buy, because I’ve never owned anything from Natasha Denona before (since most of the products are generally so expensive), but this smaller palette will give me a good “feel” for the quality/formula of the shadows, and the shades are beyond beautiful.


Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I was devastated to see that this was sold out, because I’ve had my eye on this for a MINUTE. These shades are so beautiful, and the glitters look like nothing I’ve ever seen/felt before. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this and will pick it up if it comes available before the second Rouge sale dates.

I hope you guys enjoyed this (super intense) post about the sale, and I’d love to hear what you guys are going to pick up during this holiday season! Happy shopping!


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