Beginner Workout Regimen (3x per week)



Looking up motivational quotes about working out is half the battle, right?

This post is for my ladies that, like me, reformulate their gym goals 5-6 times a year when they are trying to “get back into the swing of things” – let’s be honest, we’re swinging back and forth at this point. 

I can’t take credit for this post; this plan was formulated for me by my dear Alex, who asked me what I was looking for in a workout regimen. I explained that I wanted something efficient, something I would do 3 times per week, and something that wouldn’t kill me. Let’s just say: he delivered.

This is broken up into three workouts: arms, lower body, and back/shoulders. They’re geared more towards weight training, which I prefer over long-distance cardio (or really, any cardio at all). I’ve included links to videos demonstrating how to do the more complicated exercises.

I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you try this to get back into the gym (or if you already work out but want to try something new), please let me know how you like it! Since this plan is best used if you “kick it up a notch” after 4 weeks, let me know if you guys would like to see the “next level” workout plan!

Lets get started.



Day 1- Arms 

Warm Up: 1/2 Mile at Moderate Speed “Push Yourself” Time. GOAL: 5 Min

Workouts: Allow 30-60 seconds of rest between sets

1. Alternate Incline Dumb Curls 4×12

2. Triceps Push Downs 4×12

3. Barbell Curls 4×21

This exercise is different you want to do 7 curls half way up starting from resting position curling to your belly button. Then 7 reps starting at your belly button coming to your chin. Then 7 reps of full extension beginning at the resting position and coming all the way to your chin for a full rep.

4. Push-Ups “Diamonds” 4×12

Form a diamond with your hands and do a push-up this isolates the tricep. (You will not be able to do these at first so do them off your knees. If still too tough then do dips off the bench for 4×12.)

5. EZ Bar Curl: 1×100 

EZ Bar is the one that has a wave in it. Weight doesn’t matter we are going for the burn!

6. Cable Rope Overhead Extension 1X100

100 reps is a lot but it targets the muscle and creates the burn. With high reps, you will form definition to begin try and do the 100 in as least sets as possible.


1. Captains Chair 5×20

2. Jump rope: 5×30 seconds on 30 seconds off

*Or: 1 mile walk pace at 4 on treadmill if to easy then move up


Day 2- Legs/Lower Body

Warm Up: 2×25 Jumping Jacks,2×10 Squat Jumps, 2×12 Burpees


1. Barbell Dead Lift: 4×8-12

2. Glute Bridge: 3×12-15

3. Body Weight Squats: 3×12-15

4. Reverse Lunge: 3×12-15


Lunge 100 meter x 1

5. Standing Calf Raises: 3×12-15

6. Standing Wall Squats: 3×15-20 Seconds


1. Decline Sit-ups 3×10-15

2. Planks: 3×10 sec

3. Mountain climbers: 3×10 secs


Day 3- Back/Shoulders

Warmup: 1/2 Mile at Moderate Speed “Push Yourself” Time GOAL: 5 Min


1. Dumbbell Upright Rows 4×15

2. Arnold Dumbell Press 3×15

3. 100 Lateral raises DO NOT SET THE WEIGHT DOWN!!!! Use 2 ½ pound plates

4. Close Grip Lat Pull Down 4×15

5. Dumbell Rows 4×12 each arm

6. Pull-ups 10 reps throughout workout; it doesn’t matter how many sets it takes you, or even if you have to jump up/use the assistance. We all have to start somewhere.

7. Good morning 3×15


Bouncy Ball Crunches 5×20

Russian twist 3×20

Bicycles 3×15 Sec

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