2019 Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations

Long time, no post?!? It’s good to be back, guys, and here with one of my favorite things to talk about: MAKEUP!! Today I’m discussing allllll of the things that you need (obviously) from Sephora during this year’s VIB sale. The Rouge sale has already started (code HEYROUGE for 20% off through May 6th). VIB and Beauty Insider status can shop the sale starting May 2nd through the 6th, and they can earn 15 and 10% off, respectively, with codes HEYVIB and HEYINSIDER. Now let’s get into the good stuff…



Honeymoon Glow AHA Serum – This serum is a God-send for the girl experiencing texture in their early 20’s, and there just isn’t another way to put it. The acids regenerate your skin so deeply and so quickly that you will literally wake up glowing, and that shine pulls through your makeup. If you don’t buy anything else during the sale, buy this.

2 eye cream

Ole Henrikson banana eye cream – Alright guys, I think I’ve found the perfect eye cream. It’s brightening, but doesn’t contain retinol so I can wear it during the day. It’s thick enough to be used as a night cream. It’s just the best of every world. If you haven’t tried an eye cream (or if you have and are always looking for the next best thing like me), try this one, and you won’t go back.

3 lip mask

Laneige lip mask – I wear this every single night, and I can’t stop. I also haven’t experienced chapped lips or cracks in the sides of my mouth through the entire winter, which is the first winter I’ve been able to say that. It also smells like fruity candy, so that’s always a plus.


4 UB prep and setting spray

Urban Decay prep spray/setting spray duo – This is such a good bang for your buck. This provides a wonderful prep spray full of vitamins, leaving a refreshed face before you apply makeup, as well as an incredibly long-lasting setting spray. They’re trial sizes, so if you want to dabble into sprays but don’t want to break the bank, this is your best bet.

5 farsali skintune blur

Farsali skintune blur primer – This. Primer. Is. Everything. It’s also expensive, but once I used it, I understood why. It’s evening, it’s smoothing, it’s blurring, and it provides the most luminous glow, which is very “in” right now for the spring and upcoming summer. Since it’s such a pricey product, be sure to snag it while it’s on sale!

6 MUFE foundation

MUFE HD foundation – If you’re looking for a new foundation that provides coverage, won’t clog pores, is breathable, and can be used during any season, this is it. Paired with the new Colorpop concealer and you’ll have a flawless face for the rest of 2019.

7 omega bronzer

Marc Jacobs o’mega bronzer – My favorite bronzer to date. It’s also huge, so you’re basically going to have a bronzer that’ll last the rest of your life. It’s just grey enough to provide contour, but still warm enough to bronze the skin. It’s a perfect one-stop shop product, instead of using different bronzing and contour products.

8 dallas bronzer

Benefit Dallas blush – Again, a universal product for every skin tone during every season. This blush is beyond flattering, and gives you a natural “rosey” appearance to the skin without being too unnaturally pink. And again, it’s on sale, so why not?

9 ABH brow pencil

ABH brow pencil – This has been my go-to brow product lately, over all of the skinny pencils because it’s so quick and easy. The spoolie is also beyond sturdy, which honestly makes for an extremely underrated makeup tool.

Sephora favorites are an ideal way to try new products, and I’m kind of sneaking two products into one here, but anyways, here we go…

10 SF sun safety kit

Give me lip shine – If you’re looking to try new lippies, again, shiny and glowy is the look to go for this spring/summer. This kit provides the best new products for you to try out, in a variety of colors!

Sun safety kit – I can’t preach it enough: as we gear up for summer, prepare your skin! This package provides a ton of spf-based products for a discounted price, so why not play around with your skincare while keeping it safe from the sun?

What I Bought:

11 NARS palette suede

NARS Voyager eyeshadow palette in suede – Ahhhh…the most beautiful neutral palette that I’ve ever seen. I love NARS products, but they can be pricey, so I made sure to wait until the sale dropped to grab this item!

12 UD powder

Urban Decay waterproof setting powder – Waterproof powder…I was intrigued, okay? I had to.

KVD blush set

Kat Von D blush and highlighter – Another beautiful rosey colored blush and the most beautiful rose-gold highlighter I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to go for that Kasey-Musgraves-at-the-Grammy’s look with this.

KVD lip ruthless

Kat Von D lip color ruthless (bright berry) – As my teeth get straighter with Invisalign, I get more and more excited to wear bright lippies, so this one is just staring at me from my vanity now.

FAB facial radiance pads

FAB facial radiance pads – You can’t beat a good toning pad: easy, effective, and again, on sale. 😉

I’m happy to get to share this with you lovely ladies again this year, and more than anything, I’m glad that so many of you care to hear my opinions on products. Thank you for your continued support. Happy shopping!


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