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It’s been almost a year since I said “yes” to a decision that would change the course of my life – both personally and financially. Two years ago, when I first started my blog, I was bombarded by girls/women/aliens that wanted to “change my life” with their revolutionary products, teas, wraps, makeup – you name it. I was offered it. And I felt so grimey and weird about it because I knew that behind the sales pitch was a MLM company.

We are trained to see MLMs in a negative light, when in reality, they’re the future. Every time to you click or watch a movie based on someone’s recommendation, you are engaging in social selling. That’s all MLMs are. It’s just a way for us to make money off of our recommendations. It’s not that weird. The weird part – for most people, me included – is getting on social media and sharing stuff like we’re some influencer. That’s not the way I run my business. I share stuff, whether it’s an MLM product or not, because I love it and I want my followers AKA my friends to know about it. When we realize the power that our words and recommendations can have, it all seems a lot less weird. We’re not influencers. We’re just normal people sharing what we love, and wanting those around us to try the products for themselves and love them too.

It took a lot of reflection, thought, and research for me to finally decide that I wanted to try this whole “business” thing for myself. I was tired of spending my days showcasing my product recommendations and ultimately giving companies free advertisement instead of make commissions on those sales myself. That’s when Monat came in. After months of watching other girls and women succeed in this business, whether they were in college or in their full-blown career, I decided I was tired of watching and waiting for the right time.

The right time is now. My only regret when it comes to this business is not starting sooner.

I knew I loved the products. I knew I connected with my upline. I knew I had the tools to make it work for me. And that’s what I did. Here I am, a year later, marketing some of the most effective and natural hair and skincare products on the market, making almost the exact amount on a monthly basis as I make from my full-time job. And you guys, I have a doctoral degree.

If you’re wondering about the business, let’s talk. If you want to try the products first, let’s talk. You have 30 days to get all of the training, tips, and tools in the world from me, so there’s no harm in giving it a chance.

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