Closet organization, but like, for real…

I’m in the process of moving, and that sparked a feeling of, “Do I really need to take all of this stuff? Do I really need it? Ya know, does it ‘spark joy’?”


I’m a clothing hoarder, you guys. No, not just clothes. More like clothes, shoes, bags, anything that goes in the closet. So with this move, I decided it was time to de-clutter, re-structure, and allow my closet to breathe again! Here’s what I did…

  1. Take everything OUT of the closet. No seriously. Everything has to come out. You’ll need a lot of room to sort everything out, and you’ll want to know that whatever goes back in the closet is truly something you love and that you’ll wear.
  2. Sort everything into three piles: keep, donate, maybe. Be serious with this. You can’t just keep everything (even though I really wanted to!)
  3. Go through your maybe pile with a friend. Grab a coffee or a cocktail and have your friend help you decide if you’re “maybe” items are items you need to keep. You’ll probably find that with a second opinion, you’re a lot more grounded in your answer to that. Here are some things that I think of when I’m deciding if I want to keep something or not:
    1. Am I keeping this for a prospective concert that I may or may not ever go to?
    2. How often do I really go to costume parties?
    3. Do I really need this prom dress from 8 years ago?
    4. Is this still “on trend”?
    5. Was this an item from a “phase”?
  4. Once you’ve finalized your donate pile, store all of those things away. The clutter being out of your space will make you feel more at-ease as you add things back into your closet.
  5. Put things back in the closet in function, rather than color. I hate when people say they organize their closet by color. When I get dressed for a nice brunch, I don’t think, “Man, I really want to wear something red.” No. I think, “It’s a nice day outside; I think I’ll wear a dress.” Now when it comes to organizing by color within your type, that’s fine, but don’t have a red section of pants, shirts, and dresses altogether. You’ll never wear everything if you do that.

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If you decide to overhaul your closet (and I don’t mean by shopping!) let me know what your favorite ways to do it are!


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