Fun Summer Activities in the Midst of COVID

Summer is traditionally the time for fun, outside games, visiting with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, traveling, all the things, right? Well, not this summer. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re having to get creative with how we spend our free time. I’ve come up with a few fun ways for you to enjoy your Summer 2020 (still wearing your face masks and social distancing, of course)!


A Park Picnic

A park picnic is always fun, but it sounds even better right about now because a lot of us have been stuck at our homes for so long. There are so many places to have a really nice park picnic in Georgia, too, so if you are feeling a bit adventurous, think about drinking a little out of the way to have a change of scenery. Some great spots that you might want to consider are:

  • Piedmont Park – If you live in Georgia (or even if you have just visited Georgia), you’ve probably heard of Piedmont Park. Located in downtown Atlanta, it’s a great spot to visit. A great perk is that Piedmont Park has 22 outdoor grills for your use! Once you are done with your picnic, jump on a scooter or walk along the beltline. 
  • North Campus in Athens – Located on the University of Georgia campus, you can find gorgeous magnolia trees and the Legacy fountain here. It’s a beautiful spot for a picnic!
  • Watson Mill Bridge – The Watson Mill bridge in Comer is a really neat picnic spot because it is home to the longest covered bridge in the state, which spans 229 feet across the South Fork River. It’s a really cool sight, I think.


When you are packing for your picnic, think of everything: drinks, food, and maybe a fun treat for the end of your meal. Also, make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen!

Have A Backyard Camping Trip

If you are not comfortable going anywhere yet, having a backyard camping trip could be a great option for you! Set up a tent, some activities, and grab a few essentials for s’mores. Do keep in mind, though – if you need a change of scenery, camping is a pretty good bet when it comes to social distancing. 
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Game Night

Another fun summer (or really anytime) activity is having a game night – of course with 25 or less people (the new guideline released by the governor). You could have a game night with just yourself and your best friend or significant other, or parents – whatever you feel most comfortable with! Game nights are great because they get your mind off of the stressors of life and boy have we had a lot of stressful situations lately! One essential when it comes to having a game night? Games. You can find great deals on board games at Target and Amazon, but if you want to take your game night to the next level, I suggest finding a great deal on pool tables Atlanta. Absolute Billiard Services offers fantastic deals on used and new pool tables and in addition, they also provide services that can help with servicing, repairing, and moving pool tables, as well. They are a full-service company that provides master-quality work matched with exceptional customer service. As an Angie’s List super service award provider and with seventeen years of experience, they have seen virtually every type of billiard table out there and takes pride in inspecting every table during each step of your service. If you are looking for a pool table to buy or if you need your pool table serviced (or moved) to get ready for your game night, Absolute Billiard Services is a great place to start.


Pull Out Your Bathing Suit

A lot of neighborhoods are opening their pools, with certain restrictions. If your neighborhood or apartment building is opening up, look over the new rules and then head down for a sunny day in the sun! If you do not have access to a pool, I have a few other ideas for you! The first option would be to shoot the hooch. If you aren’t familiar, this is a term used for floating down the Chattahoochee River. This is a great option for social distancing right now! Another great option would be to grab paddle boards or rent a boat and head out to the lake. Great for social distancing and having a really fun day in the sun! 


Drive Down South

If you have had enough of your home, then consider driving down south to the beach! Most beaches are still following rules and regulations to promote social distancing. For example, close to 30A, they are having to assign time slots for people to visit the beach, depending on where you are renting. You either have a morning time slot or an afternoon time slot and then it alternates the next day. What is summer without a vacation and as long as you can do it safely, I see no harm at all in traveling somewhere!


How are you guys planning to enjoy Summer 2020?


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