96% Sun Damage on a 22-Year-Old Face

For a completely unrelated reason, I got connected with a “med-spa skin care clinic” aka Botox, Lip-fillers, that sort of stuff. They know that I’m trying out lash serums and asked if I wanted to come in for an analysis of my lashes; this would allow me to have real numbers to measure the thickness and length of my lashes. (More on that in another … Continue reading 96% Sun Damage on a 22-Year-Old Face

Eyelash Extensions: Worth the Hype, or Nah?

About a year ago, I asked my Twitter followers to tell me whether or not lash extensions were worth it. The Poll landed at about 60/40, with most people telling me that extensions were not worth the hassle; even yet, here I am, giving you my thoughts on my experience with eyelash extensions. My lashes aren’t the worst lashes you’ve ever seen, but they’re definitely … Continue reading Eyelash Extensions: Worth the Hype, or Nah?

Spring & Summer Faves

Hey y’all! After a brief hiatus from the blog, I’m back with a fun filled list of things that you NEED for these warmer months. From makeup to skincare, hair care, and even a perfume, I’ve got you covered for the essentials this summer! Be sure to let me know what you have been loving as we move into these warmer days, and as always, … Continue reading Spring & Summer Faves

The Perfect LBD for any Occasion

Alright ladies, I’m living for this perfect little black dress from Loft, and today I’m sharing my favorite tips to help you all can prepare for a fun and fancy weekend. I bought this dress back in February, so this particular style isn’t available anymore; however, I’m sharing details about this particular dress because it has some very universally flattering elements that would complement so … Continue reading The Perfect LBD for any Occasion

Business on a Budget

Calling all my 9:00 to 5:00 girls out there, who, like me, want to look “put together” at work, without the high-end price tag. I’m sharing an outfit here that, in its entirety, costs less than $100, as well as some general tips and tricks to compiling a full wardrobe without completely depleting your wallet. First, and foremost, grab the staples. You need a good … Continue reading Business on a Budget

Sephora VIB Sale – Shopping List

Oh happy day! It’s Christmas in April! Once again, we’ve come across the Sephora’s semi-annual monumental moment: the 15% off everything sale. I’ve put together a list of some tried and true products, as well as some splurges that you should consider picking up at a discounted rate. If you have any questions, please leave them down below so that we can discuss your favorite … Continue reading Sephora VIB Sale – Shopping List

Favorite Freakin’ Foundations

While smooth, glowing skin is essential to any makeup look, the base of your makeup runs a close second. Foundation is one of my favorite beauty products, because it really drives your initial direction of your desired look; you can get a dewy and glowing finish, or you can end up matte and flawless, or you can emphasize your own beautiful skin by channeling a … Continue reading Favorite Freakin’ Foundations

Treat Yo’Self (With Skincare)

Y’all. I love a good face mask. And a good bath. And a good moisturizer. (Okay, I just love being a girl.) Last Friday, the boyfriend was hunting, and I was spending my weekend “recharging.” I’m talking 6 episodes deep in Criminal Minds, watching from my bathtub, B&BW candles burning, wine in-hand, living for it. I’ve put together a list of my favorite indulgent self-love … Continue reading Treat Yo’Self (With Skincare)